Thursday, June 25, 2009

Family? Career? or BOTH??

Time balek rumah ari 2 ktorg 1 famly smpat la jln2 sket..
despite of bz setle borang2 mara...
my sis set 2 fly..
n my bro nak adapt balek idop kat msia.. haha
bajet.. bru staun dok overc..
tdo da cam x de time.. hoho..

4 diner, my dad bwk mkn piza..
he said "da lme x mkan rmai2 cmni"..
hmm it's true la..
tu pon ad 2 org lg x de..
ngah2 mkan, i thought bout my future life..
bnyak kali org ckp.. "doc ni x de life"
maybe coz bz..
maybe coz x de time relax..
maybe coz x leh enjoy..

Then i was thinking..
"how bout family"??
x kan la nak kuar jalan2 kjap pon x sempat??
hmm maybe rite kot..
So.. i'll try to make every seconds i have meaningfull..
x leh buang mase.
time mkan2 i took peluang suap2 kat mak ngan ayah..
ntah pehal tkuar ayat ni..
"maybe ni last time bley mkan2 kat rmah cmni"..

alapak.. slack tol..
my mom seems like crying lak..
my sis pon same..
den pon naek sbak.. haha
seb baek da nak abes makan..
kalo x, banjir 1 kdai.. hoho..

hepi father's day.. dad..

haha mom's day da lpas.. nway.. luv u mom

So frens... time goes n comes..
people who only remember the past will forget the present..
n lose the future!!..
time is precious..
use it to the max..
then.. if asked career or family???
i'll choose..
how bout u??

Saturday, June 20, 2009

~Way back home~ ^-^

At last…
after more than 3 months...
i’m at home now..
actually, ad program kat intec, mintak escape ngan ustazah n dapat..
hoho.. ramai gampang bdak2 jeles..

Da reasons:
jmpe sis 4 da las time b4 den fly.. she's gonna fly to bintulu tmorow..
bro bru blek from rusia..
setle borang perjnjian mara y tbal 2..
usha2 kelate.. hometown..

On da way:

2.30pm – 4.38pm -tayar bas golek2 gi hentian putra.
Sesak gle kl. X noe how da people can stand wif traffics.
(jam everywhere.. i mean everywhre.. smthing must be done)
“cam dok dlm roti”-pian zul

4.40pm - 5….pm -msok highway
I saw lot of cars.. gempak2.. Cm nk blek klate gak..
ble mse org klate bley pkai kete cmni??.. pling koman pon perdana v6..
pergh oghe2 klate da maju dowh..

5…pm – malam.. -hmmm boring..

12 am -bru smpai rmah.. alhmduulilah

I thought bout mcm2 dlm bus..
bout my childhood.. school time.. my friends.. my family..

Dlu upsr.. my batch dapt 19 stret as.. record sepanjang zaman 4 da skul.. hahak..
science 100% a.. my father was the teacher..
suspek la u dad..

Pmr..63 stret a.. spm.. 30 stret a!! pon smart lah result my batch.. hoho..
everything was perfect 4 me.. alhmdulilah..
can’t forgt my old time la..
but.. got a2 in bio..
ramai dpt a1.. MIE pon same dowh.. until now x puas ati.. hoho sori mie..
suspek la ko.. CANADA too.. bpak la..
Woi!!.. mie gi Canada…. Gilek ah..

evrybody got their own destinations now..

Papehal pown..
“Surely there will be a time to depart even though the destination is unsure.”

To all mep students.. slamat enjoy ko-pln.. hoho..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Intec... 3rd Week already

diam x diam da 3 mggu aku kat intec.
everything seems fine n enjoyful..
maybe coz x de la bz sgt wat assignment.. hoho..

everything's fine...

we were told that we'll be leaving b4 raya!!!
mle2 x rase ape.. coz bnde 2 in my expectation.

tapi ngonang naseb den x leh rayo ngan fmily..
hoho.. sebak jgak.
c'mon ar tough guy.. mlu ar nangeh...

hmmm let me think..
da 17 taun da raye ngan fmily...
my 18th raye kat jordan kot. hoho..
never mind..

right now i'm trying to spend time going around..
having fun with friends...
for my last time kat msia tcinta..
1malaysia!!! hehe..

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dare To Fail

Wanna share a book that influenced me on thinking about life..
It's 5 stars one n I highly recomend all of u to grab a hand on it

Part from da book....

Failing is definitely not the "in" thing in our society today. The world today loves the winner and losers are not accepted. We have reached the stage where nobody should make mistakes and people who makes mistakes are punished. The message seems to be that life is made up of winners and losers. If you are not number one or in the top five, you have failed.

In my personal experience, whwn one fails it is useless to brood over that failure but it is very important to find out where and why one failed.

To me, to know why we fail is more important than succeeding withoutknowing why.

I learned a lot from this person..
Bill PS Lim.

Bile fikir balek...
Aku memang da banyak kali fail...
But from da steps I learn a lot..

Siyes x tipu..

U should try many new things..
First time fail... it's normal...
But too afraid to try...
It's abnormal for da one who wants success..

No fail no gain..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009



asked my lecture about dis thing..

"blogging gives u space to pose ur idea but should be responsible on what u said"

kire tapis dulu sblom pose..

may this site will be a good platform for me..