Friday, June 12, 2009

Dare To Fail

Wanna share a book that influenced me on thinking about life..
It's 5 stars one n I highly recomend all of u to grab a hand on it

Part from da book....

Failing is definitely not the "in" thing in our society today. The world today loves the winner and losers are not accepted. We have reached the stage where nobody should make mistakes and people who makes mistakes are punished. The message seems to be that life is made up of winners and losers. If you are not number one or in the top five, you have failed.

In my personal experience, whwn one fails it is useless to brood over that failure but it is very important to find out where and why one failed.

To me, to know why we fail is more important than succeeding withoutknowing why.

I learned a lot from this person..
Bill PS Lim.

Bile fikir balek...
Aku memang da banyak kali fail...
But from da steps I learn a lot..

Siyes x tipu..

U should try many new things..
First time fail... it's normal...
But too afraid to try...
It's abnormal for da one who wants success..

No fail no gain..

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mesti ko terkejut kan aku komen kt cni,cmner aku found out blog ko.

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