Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Day at JUST


27th September 2009 was the first day of my university class. Alhamdulillah, after 6 years as primary school student and 5 years as secondary school student, I finally called as a will-be-graduated student in period of 6 more years. Insyaallah..

First day class report:

1st class

Subject : Basic Arabic for Foreigner 1

Time : 1015 – 1115

Status : Cancelled. Lecturer absent.

2nd class

Subject : General Physics

Time : 1115 – 1215

Status : Cancelled. Lecturer also absent.

So, that was how my first lecture day in JUST looked like. Hoho.. actually that one can’t be called as lecture day. Because there was no single class be held. Hmm.. I thought maybe it was because it is only the first day of lecture begins.

As told by an Arab when we came here to register, “Normally the first week of lecture seems empty because it is only a period of time to warm up the university atmosphere after long holiday.”

Insyaallah, I promised to concentrate in next will be held class. There is no time to be wasted because the time for us becomes shorter as we become older.

My target for this first year : Score and get into Dean’s List. Thus, I will do my best. Insyaallah.

The only library in Just. New 1 under construction..

Scene from lift at Irbid mall.

Jordan's version Kfc. (Dajaj Kentaki)

Pizza Hut at Irbid.

Hehe.. grapes here are easy and cheap to buy. Sedap2..


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jump out from ‘Coconut Shell’


Woke up at 6.15 am, suddenly I felt to get a grip on recent news. Sigh, about 3 weeks already I hadn’t read any updated news from newspaper. Quiet weird to think, it’s impossible there’s no even a single English newspaper here. Thought I saw one before.. Jordan Today I guest.

Actually, I read some from handphone. Malaysians chosen provider, Orange (cam Celcom la kalau kat Malaysia) provides a special application for users named Clickit. Through it, I can view some news headline from Media Arab. But that’s not much..

Politics… Israel, America, Palestine.. that’s all

World news… Israel, America, Palestine.. also.

Bussiness.. some from Jordan itself.

Sports.. epl. This one similar to Malaysia.. even the whole world maybe focuses on epl.

Honestly for this 3 weeks I don’t know anything about Malaysia. Owh, before I forgot, until now we still don’t get our internet set up. Something to do about home contract before setting up internet connection. That one is still under process. Huhu~

So, I walked through Syari’ Jamiah (University Street) to search for English newspaper. But couldn’t find any shops open except 24 hours. It’s normal. I tried to talk to a man sweeping the street.

“Assalamualaikum ya ammo.. Lau samaht. Biddi ishtari.. (blank.. ape paper dlm arab er?? Jidar? X sure) Emm.. biddi ishtarii akhbar.. newspaper.. Win?”

“Wasalam.. Newwpaper?” pacik tu blank.

“Yakni.. akhbar (sambil tunjuk gay abaca paper). Fahimta?”

“Aiwa.. akhbar. Hai mubakkiran. Akhbar ^$%#^#%&^&%*&$%^#%$#$&$*&%*&(%^%*&%^&*&%*.”

Astagfirullah.. Tak paham pacik ni ckap amende.. Hadoih.

“Mashi-mashi.. yakni.. ma fi hallaq?” I ask after he abes membebel.

“Ma fi.”

“Aiwa.. gdish sa’ah fi al akhbar?”

“Sa’ah tisa'aah.”

“Shukran ya ammo.”


Ok2.. From the dialog, paper will be sold on 9 am. Lor.. cm lambat sangat. But that’s the norm here. So we have to adapt all those in our life schedule also. Except the less benefit one la..

Hmmm I tried to jump out from tempurung exactly. But my plan stopped there. Seems like today also I couldn’t read my newspaper.. Hoho.. malas nak pergi lagi pukul 9 nanti. This one jangan ikut. I’m a bit lazy guy actually..


raya kat rumah member. sempoi..

buka puasa at malaysia embassy.

king abdullah hospital at just.

just's main gate.

duwar sa'ah (clock roundabout) at 'balad' (pasar).

bread seller kat tengah2 pasar.

1 JD for all stuff (RM 5).

It Is A Long Journey


It’d been a long time since I updated this page. So sorry for not being active for this past several weeks. Actually I’m currently in a life transition process that involves in how do I prepare to face this life.

You know, it’s not easy as eating piece of cake to adapt the new, unknown environment. Alhamdulillah.. I finally came here. It’s not only a dream anymore. But then, since I step onto this Jordan land, there’re still many things feeling awkward in mind.

After about two weeks:

1. We, the ‘Malesie’ seems like can basically communicate with the Arabs. But then when it comes to advance words we will start to think before talking. Haha.. quiet many times the Arabs get frustrated. Luckily, there also some people who tend to teach us rather than critiquing.

2. Why we’re called ‘Sinn’ by Arabs children. Means Chinese. Can’t they compare Malaysians and Chinese? Seems like children here lack of education. Proud to say, actually Malaysia is BETTER in education. I can tell that by observing their attitude.

3. The drivers here don’t concern much about their cars. Their driving style, speed and break! Cuak giler time naik coaster kat sini. Looks like careless driving to us but still I don’t see any accident yet. This one’s amazing. Also there’s no motorcycle. Tak de orang merempit cam Malaysia. Haha..

4. Lastly for this time, their raya was not so emphasized by people here. It was the same as the other day. Only us, Malaysians seems very enthusiastic and ‘glitterful’ on the day. So, our raya this year feels lack of shining.. But what most impressed me is we made our ‘Malaysian version takbir raya’ loudly in speakers at Yarmouk University Mosque, watched by Arabs. They seems interested in our melody. Boleh kata semua orang nak rakam dan ambil gambar. Haha.. feymes tol kito..

As the end for this post, I wish all of you selamat hari raya..

to mom and dad..

to brothers faidhi, fakhri, faris, faiz..

to sisters farha, filza, farzana..

and to all my friends..

also all of you.

Sorry for not being home for raya. I will be there next time. Yet, this raya will be a great experience for me. Still it was awesome to beraya with members with 100% own made dishes. X main tempah2.. hoho.. It is a long journey ahead. Fantashiru fil ard..


In Royal Jordanian airplane.

Front of Amman Airport.

Our 'sakan', means hostel.

Syariq Jami'ah, main street front of hostel.

Orange, a.k.a celcom in Jordan.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Buka Puasa & Solat Hajat


Next day, Friday i'll go 2 kl. Prepare to depart on saturday at 5 pm..
Destination: Jordan (Jordan University of Science & Technology)
Course: Medicine

So, last night buat sket solat hajat n majlis bbuka puasa ngan warga2 kg pak badol y dcintai. It had been 18 years i live here. Of course feel very kberatan nk tinggalkan. X know how to describe the feeling but smthing in mind laa.. X sad n also x happy..

Thanks mom n dad and also ana n aih..
Mak n ayah ngah, macik nab, macik yam, macik jah, pacik ya, pacik li, pacik wel..
Also my cousin, faizal..
It's x easy untuk buat majlis ni without u all..

Home sweet home..

dah azan.. makan2..

di sebalik tabir..

tq kpd semua y datang..

Lepas buka sume pg solat hajat kat masjid sbelah rmah.

Ya Allah pmudahkan perjalanan dan urusanku.. Amiin.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Temple Temptation


Penduduk Section 23 dalam dilema.. They x agree the Sri Maha Mariamman temple will be rebuild on their place. They said the Selangor goverment mungkir janji to make the place as their fully earned residental area.

Meanwhile, blaku satu demonstrasi untuk membantah tindakan relocattion ini. They stood on cow's head while giving speech..
Marah btol ni..

Pada masa y sama..

The Sri Maha Mariamman temple committee says it wants to either relocate to Section 23 in Shah Alam or to remain at the current site.

If the 150-year-old temple were to remain where it is, the committee wants the compound to be restored to its original size and also provided better protection.

Committee chairman R. Selvakumaran said six months ago, Majlis Pemuafakatan Ummah (Pewaris) took up nearly half of the compound, forcing worshippers to park their cars elsewhere.

Selvakumaran claimed at a news conference organised by the Coalition of Malaysian Indian Non-Governmental Organisations yesterday that Pewaris slaughtered cows and played loud music while prayers were being held at the temple.

Coalition chairman Datuk A. Vaithilingam said a special prayer would be held at the temple at 6pm on Friday.

"We are looking for divine intervention."

Vaithilingam added that while legal action would be a last resort, the coalition planned to set up a legal caucus to provide advice when similar issues crop up in the future.

The temple was to be relocated to Section 23 but Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim put the plan on hold last week after a protest at the gates of the State Secretariat building in Shah Alam, at which a cow's head was paraded, and after a contentious town hall meeting with the residents.

Residents claimed they were not consulted by the state government when it decided to relocate the temple to their neighbourhood.

ni la gambar kuil 2..

full controversy.

Hope Selangor goverment will solve dis with respect to all religious.
Another challange 4 the new goverment..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

MARA Fly Briefing


On 1 sept, i went 2 mara hq at Jalan Raja Laut. Bout 50 mara students from intec, all of them are going 2 jordan. We are the only mara students going 2 jordan. X ramai pon. Rase cam spesel la sgt. Hoho..

Around 9.30 am ktorg sampai. Sume mara students laen da sampai. They all are going to egypt.

After some slots, we r finally had been given our money...
Egypt students got 10k-12k smthing like dat la..
Tp jordan students got 15k!! Perggh.. dats lot of money.

Bru nak sronok, but suddenly i'd been told that my agreement form still x cmplete. Tgok2... It was all coz 1 je column name n ic x tuleh.. So, esok dtg blek lg. Aku benci keje 2 kali. nak wat camne. My own careless. Tpaksa la dtg blek..

When we were waitin 4 bus, i saw smone familiar. tgok tol2 rpenye Ustaz Nazrey Johani. Pas2 bmula sesi photograph mara students with the x-raihan. Sronok kot..

2 sept, dtg sndri mara hq ngan member2 y x dpt lg duet. Thank Allah our money finally can be released.. Alhamdulillah..

flight briefing from mas n mara agent.

zul, me n piji (da boring kot..)

met xsmap in shahputra, hisyam.

nazrey johani @ mara hq

time balek, cm besa.. train ktm memg sesak.

Hope our journey to jordan will be fine. Bismillahi tawakkaltu ala Allah..