Friday, July 10, 2009

No Pain, No Gain


Through hard work and spirit you'll achieve the goal..
It's compulsory especially in sports.
Some of quality we should have to be a better sportsman:
1. strong will
2. lot of practice
3. learn from champions
4. have fun in game

Even thought i'm not really a sportsman, its a good advice.. hoho..
Looking at our own Malaysian athletes, maybe we lack some of the points.

Eg: good players need good coach..
but a good coach also need good players..
good players need the best practice..
but the best practice only comes from the best coach and players..

*don't mean to blame on our team, but you can realize that before..
especially in our football..
we just don't really into it.

roger federer with new wimbledon title

Roger Federer is one of my respected sport icon.
He lost to Nadal for past few matches and thought about his failures..
try to create success from failure.
Finally he managed to find his momentum again and clinched a new champ.
Now he put on a new world history by 15 grand slams..
a legendary history up until now.

"Some men are born great; some men achieve greatness and some men have greatness thrust upon them" - Federer.

Bear it in your mind, friends..


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