Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Not Just A Name

9th January 2009.

I was speechless. Shock and disappointed.

It was after seconds I got online and had clicked on New Straits Time bookmark on my Google Chrome window.

On 31st December, High Court judge, Datuk Lau Bee Lan ruled that Catholic weekly magazine Herald had the constitutional right to use the word ‘Allah’ in respect of instruction and education of the congregation in the Christian religion.

He stated that, every individual have their constitution right to use the word and it is not exclusively to Muslim.

I read the news twice or triple as I can’t believe it. How come that was the result of this case? It is totally unbelievable!

It was a very bad circumstance as it got protests from Muslim all over the country, pushing Catholic Church lawyer, Derek Fernandez to make up mind with Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Patail on behalf of Home Ministry to stall the order.

It was a relief that The Kuala Lumpur High Court granted a stay in favor of the Home Ministry to stop Catholic weekly magazine Herald, from using the word pending an appeal.

This is a serious issue.

Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Personally, I don’t mean to discuss about the hukum of using the word in this post. Better make references on ulama’ in this issue. But then, I really like to comment some on this circumstance.

Responses and Feed Back

I read on the newspaper about three churches were bombed by Molotov cocktail yesterday. One of the church, Metro Tabernacle Church, Desa Melawati was severely damaged when the other two bombs at Assumption Church Assunta, Petaling Jaya and Chappel Church, Damansara were not erupted.

According to Dr MAZA, these incidents most probably done by:

  1. Muslims who are fanatic but less concern on other religion worship place.
  2. Christians those want to make provocation.
  3. Politic idea from third people for their own good.

Who knows?

Personally, I’m too feeling the anger on this issue. How can people judging on using ‘Allah' word? Worst, it was judged by a civil court. Then, where is the power circle of Syariah Court?

I can’t imagine how I want to explain to my child in the future. For example we crossed by a church with ‘Allah’ word displayed on it,

“Ayah, kenapa ada nama Allah kat situ?”

Hmm.. I’ll tell him,

“Nak, Tuhan kita Allah. Kristian ada God.. maksudnya dalam Bahasa Melayu, Allah..”

Imagine his reply..

“Kalau gitu sama la Islam dengan Kristian? Sebab Tuhan sama,”

What can we say at that time?


But then, it is unnecessary to act with vandalism or terrorism. This makes the circumstance worst. If it was done by Muslim, where is the peace promised by Islam? People can ask that.

We saw a peace demonstration at Masjid Negara. It was a demonstration, yet with peace. No vandalism, no harm. That’s one of better way.

That’s why I said, it is not just about name. Name shows who we are.

Don’t mean to close eyes on using word ‘Allah’ issue, but why can’t we act professionally? Our Rasulullah had showed the way.

For example, he released all the musyrikin after Fathu Makkah. Why didn’t he just slaughtered them all? In fact, they were the people whose had brought enormous problem to him before.

Because.. Cruelty is not Islam way.

But now, we, the Muslims ourselves bring trouble to Islam. How? By not practicing Islam completely. Then, when it comes to a trouble like this now, we failed to act according to what our deen taught us.

"O you who have believed, enter into Islam completely [and perfectly] and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy."
Al-Baqarah : 208

Name Reflects Us

Surely, everyone is known with their own name and title. The names we’ve reflect who we are. How are our personality, and how are our characteristics.

For example, as a ‘Muslim’.

Fair or not, to judge how Islam and how the way of Islam, people around the world look at the Muslim.

So, how we, the Muslims nowadays? That is how Islam?

Honestly, sometimes I feel ashamed.

We forget about our brothers and sisters. We are selfish. Common example, how far we think about Palestinian at their land? Do Palestine exists on world map now?

“Kita kecil lagi nak fikir pasal tu. Kalau fikir banyak-banyak pun bukan boleh buat apa-apa sekarang. Belajar dulu betul-betul.”

So, let us look into smallest scope I think. We and our friend. The best friend is the one who love his friend just like the way he love himself.

Very hard to do. We have our own ego. That’s normal.

Looking into Muslim leaders, are we leading our men to mardhatillah and His Jannah? Are we guiding them to better life according to Syariah? Do we amanah with our responsibility? Think about it.

Looking into Muslim workers area are we doing job according to what Allah told us? Are we doing our best? Do we sincere with our job? Think about it.

Looking into Muslim students, are we learning to grab better job in the future or lillahita’ala? Are we doing enough responsibility? Do we think about our future which is in our hand? Think about it.

So, friends..

Whoever we are, whatever we do, as long as we are Muslims.. realize that we bring the title of our religion, Islam.

A leader? Be a true Muslim leader. How? Act like one.

A worker? Be a true Muslim worker. How? Act like one.

A student? Be a true Muslim student. How? Act like one.

That is the only way people will understand how Islam really is.

Wallahua’lam. Wassalam..


aishah said...

tapi..nak tanye je...allah tu maksudnye god..kalau kite cakap oh my god..boleh..knape the non-muslim cakap oh my allah tak boleh..?

Abdulla said...

(I can’t imagine how I want to explain to my child in the future. For example we crossed by a church with ‘Allah’ word displayed on it,

“Ayah, kenapa ada nama Allah kat situ?”

Hmm.. I’ll tell him,

“Nak, Tuhan kita Allah. Kristian ada God.. maksudnya dalam Bahasa Melayu, Allah..”

Imagine his reply..

“Kalau gitu sama la Islam dengan Kristian? Sebab Tuhan sama,”

What can we say at that time?)

I suggest that you can continue by telling him how the Christians went astray when they say Allah is part of trinity, or Allah is Isa a.s. And the difference between us and them is that we worship Allah the One and Only, and not associating Him with sons and other false attributes.

Insyallah your child will understand. :)

Op uLyA said...

actually from the first time this case was brought up. i knew that we will not win over..
the fact that the judgment was actually done in a civil court proves absolutely nothing..

they are binded with the geneva convention issue of human rights. so as long everyone has rights.. so they are obliged and legal to do anything that does not harm another individual...

im sad to. but i dont know how to correct things.. perhaps the next issue regarding religions should be held in the syariah court...

wallahualam.. just pray for the best. btw, nice entry as i was just about to right some sort of the same thing too,.. :)

SADIS said...

licik benar mereka.

LuRveHaTeR said...

Salam..d problem dat we're facing rite now is we can't do anything bcoz d leader at d top didn’t even practice d rite way..not saying dat we r too gud or etc but like in d last Rasulullah s.a.w khutbah~

"Aku berwasiat akan kamu supaya sentiasa bertakwa kepada Allah dan mendengar serta taat (kepada pemimpin) sekalipun yang meminpin kamu itu hanya seorang hamba ...
Maka hendaklah kamu berpegang teguh dengan sunnahku dan sunnah para khulafa Ar Rasyidin
(Khalifah-khalifah yang mengetahui kebenaran dan mendapat pimpinan ke jalan yang benar) dan gigitlah sunah-sunah itu dengan gigi geraham dan jauhilah perkara-perkara yang baru (bid'ah) yang diada-adakan, kerana sesungguhnya tiap-tiap bid'ah itu adalah sesat."

Kalau yg d ats yg mmerintah ngara pown wat derk jer dgn hal nih, us ; d citizen will get affected…jadi..siap sdiakn diri kte dgn 'bekalan' dan 'senjata' yg cukup so dat our generation will lead in d right n barakah way…

~"Sesungguhnya kalau mereka beriman dan bertaqwa, niscaya mereka akan mendapat pahala, dan sesungguhnya pahala dari sisi Allah adalah lebih baik, kalau mereka mengetahui" 
Al-Baqarah : 100 ~

faiq zaini said...


aishah: boleh tak boleh, sy bukan jawapan terakhir. just.. non-musim tu tau ke bertauhid kpd Allah smpai nk sbut2? hmm baik tanya ustaz..

Abdulla: tq abdulla.. inshaAllah.. just that i'm not ready to bear that now..

Op uLyA: about the court.. in our perlembagaan:

(5) Walau apa pun apa-apa jua dalam Perlembagaan ini, Yang di-Pertuan Agong hendaklah menjadi Ketua Agama Islam di Wilayah-Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Labuan dan Putrajaya; dan bagi maksud ini Parlimen boleh melalui undang-undang membuat peruntukan-peruntukan bagi mengawal selia hal ehwal agama Islam dan bagi menubuhkan suatu Majlis untuk menasihati Yang di-Pertuan Agong mengenai perkara-perkara yang berhubungan dengan agama Islam.

from my friend..

LuRveHaTeR: wasalam.. ur comment is maybe over transparent.. takut sy.. actually bkn wat der.. home ministry'd done something. ini perkara bkaitan masyarakat. take it slowly n efficient..

tq all ^_^

gilomung! said...

ak pon kurng arif bab2 ni.juz tau crita mcm 2 kne mncari lbih mndalam.
klu de mse leh try2 bce yg kt sni..

freewriter said...

right. this issue was supposedly handled by the Syariah Court.
where's the power of Syariah council to handle this kind of case?
the issue related to Islam itself.

but still.
don't reflect at others.
we ourselves don't practices Islam 'shumul'-ly,
when times like this happens,
yes.we failed to act rationally,
according to what our prophet had thought us.

but i've read other source said that this issue was planned by someone to bring chaos to our country.but without evidence yet.

keep blogging!nice post.
love to read yours.

~zakiy~ said...

its not our call to say that 'this way is right, this way is wrong'..
yet, people starting to act violently..
When it starts to be among races/religion, it will become a big problem for us to handle..
just take a look at the present history.

Its not the usage of name 'Allah', but the 'hidden agenda' of the non-Muslim which concern me the most..
Your situation above is 1 of the thing that we should take a look at..
methink a more complicated crisis that we'll face, that is the Christians will use the name 'Allah to mis belief our present and future young people that our religion is the same. Apart from that, they will offer money and girls!! *(its the current 'dakyah' that used by the non-Muslim to attract our people to change religion)
With all this advantages (plus, with the belief that the 2 religion is the SAME, the number of people that changing religion will increase massively..

aniq said...

faiq... personally... i really believe dat diz issue wuz desinged 2 implant confusion 2wards current hard earned harmony...

but olwez rememba.. they set fire... its up 2 us weather 2 extinguish da fire or let them burn us...

faiq zaini said...


gilomung!: tq berd.. ak pon sama. tgah cari2 pasal ni..

freewriter: planned by someone.. we'll know someday. tq for visit. like to read urs too.

~zakiy~: yeah, me too afraid this will trigger to another among religion crisis.. hope not. gud point u got there. tq

aniq: yup aniq. better solve this thoroughly. inshaAllah..

tq all 4 reading and visit.. ^_^

Anonymous said...