Friday, January 22, 2010

Sleep Tight~

22th January 2010

Currently, my house mates and I have such a temporary sleeping disorder due to revising the materials for our final examination. First semester for first year need you to cut off sleep time? Medic seems difficult.

First sem ni study sambil seronok-seronok je. Banyak masa jalan-jalan, main game, nak pergi Amman.” People say. Hmm.. Quiet true. There’ll be tougher subjects in upper year. There’ll be enormous clinical works starting 4th year.

But, someone told me,

Walaupun org kata senang tak bermakna kena pandang remeh,” brother Faiq Nabil, 2nd Year tensai.

Thanks bro. Such a good advice from him everyone..

That’s why, we are doing our best effort to achieve the best we can.

Please pray for us, medical students, all-doctors-will-be in our examinations. Ah.. not forgotten for dentistry and physics students also, will become great dentists and physician. Hehe.. ikhlas ni.

Studying together is fun..

Sleeping Disorder

Due to unarranged sleep time three or four days before, I’ve dizziness most of time. Maybe I’m still not used to a nocturnal lifestyle.

Sleep is everyone’s must but can be turn to anyone’s problem.

I’ve read some articles on sleep. If sleeping time is not managed professionally, it can cause:

1. Insomnia.

A common sleep problem. Can be caused by a variety of things including stress, a change in time zones, study or playing games until late night, an altered sleep schedule or poor bedtime habits.

2. Sleep apnea

Breathing stops or gets very shallow while sleeping. The sleeper may wakes up to breathe again, disrupting sleep, and also suffers from a brief lack of oxygen.

3. Snoring

Common. Caused by a narrowing of airway, either from poor sleep posture, excess weight or physical abnormalities of throat. A narrow airway gets in the way of smooth breathing and creates the sound of snoring.

4. Narcolepsy

Causes extreme sleepiness and may even make a person fall asleep suddenly and without warning.

And also various different kind of sleeping disorder..

Talking when sleeping.. Walking when sleeping..


Sleep needs to be controlled

More Work, Less Sleep

Dia ni tidur sejam je sehari. Itu pasal banyak hebat sangat sekarang. Semua benda dia boleh jawab.

Dia ni tak tidur malam-malam. Buat research. Pergi sana, pergi sini. Sekarang banyak benda dia boleh settle. Apa-apa masalah bagi je kat dia.”

Dia ni time nak tunggu turn bagi ceramah kat atas stage je dia tidur kejap. Masa lain sibuk dengan menulis. Buat kerja. Baca itu, baca ini."


I’ve heard lots of sleeping habit of great, successful people. They are barely able to sleep due to works and their desire to contribute to community.

Doesn’t mean to be successful, get rid of sleep. But, efficient arrangement is needed.

Personally, I’m a person that can’t bear to sleep less than 5 hours at night. Maybe because I was always told to go to bed at 10 on weekdays during my childhood by abah and ma. Stay up just only became my weekend habit during secondary school.

I can’t manage to work or study until 2 or 3 am like others.

If desperate, of course I try to stay up until morning. But I’ll end up sleeping until afternoon. Hehe..

Sometimes, I think..

All people get the same 24 hours a day. If I can extend my non-sleeping time by an hour or two compared to others that will be a very benefit to me.

Hmm.. cut off my sleep time from 5 hours to 4 hours.

If just an hour a day.. 365 hours a year..

Seems like I’ll have extra 18 or 19 days!

Hmm.. Right?

Less Sleep, Less Brain Efficiency

Scientifically it has been proven that less sleep makes us tired and not energetic. Pushing brain to the limit will only reduce the efficiency at work.


How we calculate the limit of brain? Where’s the limit?

Most of world’s genius use only small portion of their brain. Enough to make them superbly, genius individuals.

We have our hidden ability actually. If not pushed, it will stay undiscovered. Give it a try.

So, again it’s not the quantity of sleep time but the quality of sleep we have to ponder.

Islam teaches us not to spend most night time sleeping as well.

We have our Qiamullail. It is not just to cut off sleep time without purpose but to make us better. There are lots of benefit which actually for us indeed.

If we can stay up the whole night for work, why don’t we use some time for Qiamullail. It will be better right?

Allah said in Quran :

“Truly the God-fearing will be amid gardens, orchards, and springs, flowing therein, receiving what their Lord has given them, of reward, for indeed formerly, [before] their entering Paradise, they had been virtuous, in the world. Little of the night did they use to sleep, in other words, they used to sleep for a small portion of the night and perform prayers during most of it, and at dawns they used to seek forgiveness: they used say, ‘Our Lord! Forgive us’,”
(Adh-Dhariyat : 15-18)

Rasulullah s.a.w. said, means:

“It’s compulsory for you to get up at night (tahajjud). Because it had became the common for Solihin before you. And the cause that make you closer to Allah. Besides your sins will be cleared by Him, it also will cure all disease from your body.”
(Narrated by Tarmizi)

Apart from that,

As Muslim it’s unacceptable for us to cut off sleeping time that cause any ibadah missed my friends, especially the Solat. Worse, if not sleeping because of doing less benefit activities.

Neither works nor fun, there is no reason for us to ignore our Solat. Hope we can make it better. InshaAllah..

Unzur ma qal wa la tanzur man qal..

Read with heart and mind..

Wallua’lam. Wasalam..


Lady Shukriyah said...

len org len biological clock de.

insyaallah ckup na stadi sume.


bittaufiq wannajah.

sayaBerd said...

nmpak gaya korng da mula stdy.
istiqomah la weh

Naqiyan Anis said...

wohoo~ak pon da xmenentu waktu tdo ni.same2 laa kite blaja tok stayup yep.ehe,gudluck laa kamoo sume! ;D

Salam Abdullah said...

btul2, jaga tido jangan overlimit.. tp drpd wt mnde xde faedah, baik tido.. huhu.. (baik wt mnde brfaedah lg sbenanye. In case mls la, tido je laa.) (^-^)

fahmie said...

salam.. lame xkomen kat blog ko. haha.. erm.. cmne study kat sane? ok? best giler ko da fly.. haha. jeles ak! tp xpe, ko power, xpyh study xpe. hehe

faiq zaini said...


Lady Shukriyah: hmm.. toi3.. ad kot y biology time die smenet dua je tidonye.. hoho..

sayaBerd: haha.. nampak gayo je la.. inshaAllah.. 2 ari jah lagi..

Naqiyan Anis: sme la ngan sume y kt sne. all the best..

Salam Abdullah: hmm.. agaknye mrancang strategi pon bfaedah juga.. x gitu? haha..

fahmie: time kasih komen mie.. ingat x sdar2 ak je dok komen ur blog.. x study cmne nk power mie.. huhu..

wasalam. tq all ^_^

Ate3_y said...

what a very nice post..

actually its depend to us..everyone has their own study habit..

sometimes you're better studying at early in the morning..some people perform best when study late night..

so u have to find the real true of yourself!

hehes...anyway..gudluck exam..XD

Anonymous said...

kat jordan ad physics? wooo.. *so jealous*

btw, shouldnt those physics students be physicist? physician is medic-related i supposed..

well, nice post.. sleeping and teenagers nih tak bley dpsahkan

[sakuradila] said...

sleeping disorder mmg sgt common kat sini..
but it depends gak ikot badan masing2...
tapi bile dah terbiasa tu,susah nak betolkan kebiasaan tido malam mcm bese balik..

tapi seelok2 nya mlm b4 exam tu relaxkan minda,tido awal,kalo x,jwb exam pon tersengguk2 kot^^

btw,bittaufiq la ye imtihan,ke dah habis?


Anonymous said...

tdo awl....
juz a mtter of opinion.stil cn hv it a try...
tdo kol 11pm...bgn kol 3am....siyez segar smpai pg...

faiq zaini said...


Ate3_y: tq.. when i'm typing this, da abes da exam.. hoho..

aeisyulillah: yup. the 1 and only who's taking physic, student 20A kita. owh ye.. physicist.. lost that word.. tq2..

[sakuradila]: tq sis.. kne manyak2 practice ni. da keje ni maybe x bnyk masa tido.. hehe.. tq2..

Anonymous: ok2.. bgon pkol 3 tu y x tbangun tu.. try2..

tq all. tq for visit~ ^_^

pohonbakti said...

Tidur adalah bukti tidak boleh disanggah bahawa setiap manusia itu adalah makhluk. Tidak mungkin bagi mana2 manusia mampu menahan dirinya dari tidur kerana itu ketetapan Allah. even Firaun yang mengaku tuhan itu juga tidur. Rujuk tafsir Fi zilal. Surah an-naba ayat 9 utk lebih zouk

lin said...