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woMen & Medic

Tuesday, 08th March 2010.


I started the new year of my university on last September with a task. Assigned before I went back to Malaysia for an approximately a month holiday. A huge one. Never though something very important like that had been given to me.

Even in the holiday, I felt burdened. Not really pleasant feeling. Planning assignment in holiday is a big spoil. Raya was in the mood also. Hehe..

Write The Future 2010

So, the assignment was actually a task to conduct a motivational program for the first year students, named as 'Write The Future 2010'. It's an annual event.

"Give them motivation!"
"Make them interested in medicine and dentistry!"
"We want them to become very competent in class!"

Those were hopes from seniors and Education Malaysia Jordan (EMJ). Meanwhile, me, only second year. How can I make those freshies' eyes opened with just a little bit experience in Jordan. If compared to a big mountain, mine only the small rocks on the ground.

At this point we need for others help. My friends and seniors obviously..

Alhamdulillah.. Everything went well except for it was a rainy day. Whatever happened, all of them is always our God's will. We plan, He decides.

Thanks to everyone those helped me a lot. Really like to mentioned all of you here, but it would be a long list. Hehe.. I always appreciate your guys effort.

Gender in Medicine

I remembered in my speech on that day, I said one or two things about how I respect people who contributed their lives in medicine. It's a very long, difficult journey. The ones who really indulge themselves in this path are really brave and full of confident.

I spoke up a little bit high on our sisters, who we addressed here as 'akhawat' in their decision to continue their study in medicine field, either here in Jordan or any medicine college in this world..

Seriously, you all have my respect.

It's not easy to make it to the moment when you came all the way, far from your beloved home and family.
Pushing with people twice your size to get on the bus..
Disturbed by the 'jakun' boys/men when going back to house.
Sometimes (I think quite many times) quarrelling with taxi drivers on the charge. It's a must. It's just like they think we don't know the usual rate. Even we've been here for a year or two at least.. Me, myself getting tired of this situation. Sometimes, I just give them how much they want. It's hard to win by words. Give out a punch is easier. Haha..

And those all we get for coming here just to study? Choosing medicine is hard enough.

Of course those situations happen to all but it's troublesome when girls involved.

May the force be with you.

There are also people who prevent their daughter, sister or wife to pursue their dream in medicine. The reason? Women are better stay at home and serve the family. They are prone to 'fitnah' and trouble.

The question is..
You forbid your wife to become a doctor and at the same time, when your wife is in her period to give birth, you want her to be treated by a female doctor, who at the same time is OTHER'S WIFE!

So, did you guys see any relevant in this case?

Obviously, there's some case female doctor are better to handle especially which include 'aurah' (aurat) and all that women's thing. Even some people say it's 'haram' for male doctor to take care of them when there is female doctor.

If women are prevented to do their job, who will? There's some field that female are better than male. We have to admit that. So, give them their 'haq' in this time.

I heard from an auntie who told me the story of a woman from Tunisia. She ran to Malaysia just to get a job. I can't remember what was the job. But, according to her story, she was prevented to work in public in her own country because of gender issue.

That was one of the reason of last uprising though.

So, there's lot of challenge for them to work hard especially in medicine. And of course, jumping in medicine bandwagon means you'll have less time for other than work things such as family. We knew already the role of women at home is enormous.

Future Is in Their Hands

What? Why theirs?

My brothers..

At this time, I can say that everything is in the XX chromosome gender. Look anywhere in our own colleges. Female is the majority.

If this continues, there's no doubt women will be much superior than men in some fields. So, where's our strength guys? Supposed men are stronger la.. Physically, may be of course. But why not, intellectually also. Most of scorers in exams usually always female. Maliuww leww..

Even, at the last days of lecture in my uni, we barely see male students seat in the lecture hall. See.. Come on guys.. It's easier for men to go out from house than female.

Some of us may score despite attendance 0. But, it's still not worth I think. Knowledge without faith will make us proud.

No matter how high you fly to the sky, know it you always bound to the gravity. Something to bear in mind.

This is a challenge to me, myself also. When think about this, it obviously make us more motivated. Right?


Wallahua'lam. Wassalam..

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NajwaZin said...

You really have good points.

I think all men should think like this way., not really all, but majority, then they can think how to shape a good society and bla bla bla