Tuesday, August 4, 2009

houseman kne extend??


After long time x online, went to btn 1 week then holiday 1 week.
Learnt a lot from btn.
Bout our country.. we r heatin up 1malaysia concept.
Bout our races.. multiple race should tolerate 2 each other.
Bout our future.. the most important.. still a mistery.

Lots of things happened in our country.
Also lots of coments from various individual.
We should filter wether wright or wrong..
most important.. which one 2 believe.

Nway, wanna share something what i read on nst today..

PUTRAJAYA: The Health Ministry has extended the duration of housemanship for medical graduates to two years to ensure that they start off their career as a medical doctor on a strong footing.

Director-General of Health Tan Sri Dr Mohd Ismail Merican said. He said previously the housemanship duration was only for a year in the three compulsory disciplines of either medicine, paediatrics, surgery or medicine, surgery and obstrectics and gynaecology (O&G) - with four months in each posting.

Now it is compulsory for them to be trained in six disciplines, namely general medicine, paediatrics, surgery, orthopaedics, O&G and emergency medicine with four months in each postings over a period of two years, he said at a seminar on housemanship training in Malaysia here.

Dr Mohd Ismail said all housemen would be employed on scale US$41 (RM1999- RM5317) and upon successful completion of their housemanship training, they would be confirmed in service and promoted to US$44 (RM3028- RM5570) scale.

He said that every housemanship would be guided, monitored and assessed by specialists not only on their knowledge and skills but also their attitudes towards the profession.


haha.. ladies n gentlemen..
dis one bley caye la..

Maybe our recent mds r x gud enough. (Of course.. some of them)

Tme demam last time, i felt my body's out of control.
Sneezing.. plus headache..
Though i got flu a laa..
Then i went 2 clinic..
after 5 mins checkup the doc gave me..
1. paracetamol
2. vit B+
3. ubat batok
4. ubat selsema pagi
5. ubat selsema malam (nta pe beza pg n mlm. effect kot..)

Without further check..
She told me confim bkan flu a. without test..
then i feel.. dis doc a little bit sacarstic.. hehe sori sape trase..
its true la..
da la kne jlan gi clnic ngan pain at my back + cramp (smlm mase maen bsket..)
+ pneng..
+ pke tket abes..
+ baju x bsoh lg..
+ bla2.
Hish.. very mengecewakan la..

Hope future docs x like dat la.
With longer houseman.. hehe..

Ok.. Cow dlu..


dR.AiNoN said...

so, nti ko cek la patnts ko more details..
xde al dowg ase cmne ko ase..
bese al..
doc byk patnt..
pent 2..

faiq zaini said...

to: dr ainon

hoho thought soo..
but only 3 ptients
dat tme la..

nway, insyaallah

dR.AiNoN said...

ish33..trok tol doc nowadys...
byk doc cm2 skank..
nk plK doc gov..
hope nti ak xcm2 kje ngn gov 10 years...
XPE3...4 my commnty...
ak sggup...
c0ntrbte my srvce 4 1 malsia!!!!