Friday, August 21, 2009

MPSI and MEP09 Dinner


20th Aug will be a great memory for me. Coz two big, meaningful event were held on the same day. They were graduation and dinner for all MEP09 students.
The events were extremely colourful that made everyone of us think as it was the last day we were in INTEC. But actually not. Final exam will be on next 2 weeks. Hoho...

Well you see..
As we graduated from an institution to another, we are heading towards maturity and development as a human. We should seize every chance in front.
Believe that, there will be time when our strength is needed by other part of community.
Hence, we should not only learn how to swim an ocean but we actually should concern bout how to sail a ship across an ocean along with our comrades.

before the ceremony begins.

ex-smapls with certificate masing2.

me ngan member2.

bdak alevel (akhtar a.k.a tosyok) pon nak join gak. haha..

ni my table for the diner.

from left: fathi, zakiy, faiq, faris, anuar, amirun

my bio lecturer with our mom (program coordinator)

Thanks to all my frens who always being my accompanies, consultants, tutors, lectures and the most important for being my family..

It's juz like our mom, Ustazah Fatahiyah said,

"u all are the mostest, bestest family we ever had"..

Hope our knot will always tied up firmly even we will be separated to 2 different part of world.


ms dr.nisa-to-be said...

congratz jgk da dinner..

faiq zaini said...

to: ms dr.nisa-to-be

haha dner pon nak congrat.
syantoh tol..