Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pride Causes Us Torn Apart


This incident won’t be forgotten. It happened yesterday, 9th October. It was the starting point when I fully changed my paradigm towards people, straight forward I say especially the arabs. Bunch of people we heard are well known for their Islamic based lifestyle. Sigh.. that’s actually WAS..

Besides the perfection there’s always the slack one.

Besides the good one there’s always the bad one.

Besides the angel there’s always the demon.

That’s human norm. But I can’t accept it when people dumbly, sarcastically make laugh of others. Even they’re said as the chosen race. Quoted many times in Al Quran. Well.. of course it is a majestic thing. Masha Allah.. But, what is the quality in yourself that can be proud of?




NO! There’s neither one.. Then stop acting as all of you are praised people. Only the one who follow the path of Muhammad S.A.W and what are taught in Al Quran will deserved that.

Actually I got into a quarrel with about 5 young arabs yesterday. Their attitude burnt me up. They were throwing tomatoes to us, Malaysians in the kebab as we were eating on table next to them. How rude to do that to people we don’t know, especially us as their guests in mission to learn from their people. Kita pon tak ada lah main baling-baling durian ke.. betik ke.. kat tourist yang datang ke Malaysia walau tak suka pon.

Reasons they did that? Ntah, kami makan je kat situ. Gilo kot budak-budak ni.

I looked at them as I finally got mad. Asked, “Shu biddak?” (What you want)

Then, semua buat muka blur, “Aasif-aasif” (sori-sori).

Then, they did that again. Aasif kepala hotak diorang.. Malas aku nak layan.

I’m not emphasizing about Malaysians or Jordanians but scope which is being highlighted here is we are Muslims. (don’t know if youngsters yesterday semuanya bukan Islam. Hard to tell that here. Semua sama.) Kapir kot. Perangai dah gitu.. Marah ar ni.

Yeah, we are Muslims, supposed to respect and help each others,

“The Believers, men and women, are protectors one of another: they enjoin the ma`roof (all of Islam), and forbid the munkar (all that is evil; kufr): they observe regular prayers, pay Zakat, and obey Allah and His Messenger. On them will Allah pour His mercy: for Allah is Exalted in power, Wise.” (The Holy Qur’an, 9:71)

Actually I’ve been told by seniors not to underestimate them at first time. Don’t expect they are all good. Everywhere is the same. Now, I’ve understand what’s that mean by experiencing it on my own. I’d only met some good people before. Never this type.. It was really troublesome.

No wonder la their neighbor, Palestine doesn’t get much benefit on their relationship. Long ago respectful, humble arabs are continuously perishing drastically. Honest to say, I only get a little bit slight respect for them at this moment. Maybe only for the siqah arabs left. Others.. sama je macam penyangak kat Malaysia.. Mencemarkan nama baik bumi Syam sungguh. Because of their undeserved prides we, Muslims are now fall apart.

The Israeli for example, have been taking lessons on what they had done hundreds, maybe thousands years ago. Now, they are striving. Why we, Muslims should completely fall before once again we stand? Enough by just looking the recent condition. Our brothers at some part of world are quiet pathetic. Act before we are paralyzed.

see for yourselves. sampah bertaburan di mana-mana..

my study table. serabut..



.:.nurhidayah.:. said...


in every white,there's a black.
we cant judge ppl simply based on the opinion of others.
it takes time for me too, to understand ppl.
chill la,mane2 kite pegi pown kite jumpa jgk bnda yg x elok or xsedap mate memandang.
sbb tulah Allah sruh kite merantau n mengembara.

i wonder how tourists think of malaysia n also malaysian's attitude.ermmm

faiq zaini said...

yeap u are right dayah..
tp ari ni dpat member2 arb y kaw plak.
da ubah blek persepsi..