Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Day at JUST


27th September 2009 was the first day of my university class. Alhamdulillah, after 6 years as primary school student and 5 years as secondary school student, I finally called as a will-be-graduated student in period of 6 more years. Insyaallah..

First day class report:

1st class

Subject : Basic Arabic for Foreigner 1

Time : 1015 – 1115

Status : Cancelled. Lecturer absent.

2nd class

Subject : General Physics

Time : 1115 – 1215

Status : Cancelled. Lecturer also absent.

So, that was how my first lecture day in JUST looked like. Hoho.. actually that one can’t be called as lecture day. Because there was no single class be held. Hmm.. I thought maybe it was because it is only the first day of lecture begins.

As told by an Arab when we came here to register, “Normally the first week of lecture seems empty because it is only a period of time to warm up the university atmosphere after long holiday.”

Insyaallah, I promised to concentrate in next will be held class. There is no time to be wasted because the time for us becomes shorter as we become older.

My target for this first year : Score and get into Dean’s List. Thus, I will do my best. Insyaallah.

The only library in Just. New 1 under construction..

Scene from lift at Irbid mall.

Jordan's version Kfc. (Dajaj Kentaki)

Pizza Hut at Irbid.

Hehe.. grapes here are easy and cheap to buy. Sedap2..



dR.AiNoN said...

wey,klu ye pon grapes 2 mura xyah ar smpai nk mkn setagkai sekaligus..lapa gle..hahha

siLLy miZzY said...

smpat bce doa mkan k x 2??

faiq zaini said...

to: dr ainon n sili mizi

demo je tu..
x makan lg kot.