Saturday, November 14, 2009

Critic or Think Comes First?

14 November 2009, 2.15 pm.


Sometimes, I think it’s better to write in Malay Language for entries concerning about Islam and vital issues. Doesn’t mean that to avoid non-Malay to read the post but I afraid if there is some misuse of English terms those may lead to other means. Hmm.. Obviously speculations will be triggered if that happened.

That’s us. People always make conclusion on first impression..

Rasulullah SAW bersabda: “Satu hari nanti, kamu akan dikerumuni musuh-musuh kamu, ibarat makanan dikerumuni semut.”

Sahabat-sahabat bertanya: “Adakah bilangan kami sedikit ketika itu ya Rasulullah?”

Rasulullah SAW menjawab: “Tidak, malah bilangan kamu sangat ramai. Tetapi ibarat buih di lautan”

-Riwayat Abu Daud.

First, please watch this movie ladies and gentlemen..

So, what you guys feel about this video?

How bad is it this Gubra film? It played with our holy religion, Islam!!

Feel angry? Why? I think I know..

1. Why this film starts with ‘Bismillah’ but have lots of sexual scenes?

2. Why the bilal touch the dog and go to azan?

3. Gubra is an inter faith movie presenting pluralism?

4. Is Article 11 Movement behind this?

5. Yasmin Ahmad supported liberalism and pluralism?


What are you guys thinking right now?

Are we betrayed by this Malay film, Gubra? An award winning film. Praised by people. Known as a racial tolerant film. The best ever produced by Malay production..

What was happened? Why this film was not banned before being watched?

Angry my Muslim brothers?

Relax.. Let us look into another view..

As I told earlier we tend to criticized on what people did without asking. We underestimate people without being close and know him/her well? Who are we to do that?

Now.. If I say..

1. Why can’t a film starts with ‘Bismillah’? Even in ceremonies we start with ‘Bismillah’.. And the ideas of sexual scenes are the reflect of our community today. Shame to show the reality to public?

2. This case is quiet complicated. Touching dog is not a sin. Just we have to ‘sortu’ after doing that.

Even if the dog is 100% dry, it is unnecessary to do that. In condition there is no saliva come out from mouth. Impossible for the dog to lick its own head as the bilal only touch its head. Plus according to science, dog precipitates at the paws.

But the question, was the dog dry on early morning? No dewdrop at the time?

3. No evidence.

4. No evidence also.

5. Allahyarham Yasmin Ahmad was well known as a charismatic producer who creates lot of movies and tv clips which touches our hearts. Most of the messages are pure and clear. They sometimes perfectly reflect our society. Credit to her. Although he was confused during his lifetime, what we appreciate from him is his messages. Yet, no evidence he is working with pluralism and liberalism movement as I concern.


My friends.. Feel confused? Should I support this film? Or this video clips?

Personally, I think this movie is a great one. It came at a right moment on a right time but quiet controversial way.

I agree, Allahyarham Yasmin Ahmad had his own reason to produce this present to our society in Malaysia especially the Muslim society. How?

See.. at first impression when we saw the film and the above video clip, we feel that something wrong with this movie. Islam has been clowned by these people, our own people! How dare all of you.

I’m pretty sure Yasmin Ahmad expected those comments from our society. People will question on his intention and though in producing this movie. I thought he’s right. Many our people seem angry and feel ashamed on this Malay made movie without further thinking, “There must be reasons”.

Wake up everyone.. Our society nowadays aren’t good as we were before. We are controlled by media and hedonism. Quiet number of our young people are drowned by world.

Bear that! Accept the fact! Why should us run away from reality and become rhetoric despite it was clear to the whole world? There is no point.

Take lessons from what people did. Better than those who only critic without doing nothing..

I understand.. What makes people misunderstood that there is no cooperation between art and intellectual people. That is obvious. I mean it is true that this movie is quiet over limit to have sexual scenes and religious scenes in it for children and young people.

Hence, we need guidance from intellectual people on explaining this art piece. Especially, the ulama’ and religious individuals in order to make things clear.

Yet, the difference in opinion is well accepted. Due to the fact that it had made people more eager to understand the true value and meaning of multiracial. Also the Islamic Laws. Credit to the movie.

Our Muslim society suddenly realized on the dog issue..

Try to find out the pluralism and liberalism issues..

Concern about the Article 11 Movement..

And others..

I should say well done to Allahyarham Yasmin Ahmad and his film, Gubra.

I posted this entry to get responses from other people.


What your comments my friends?

Wallahu A’lam..



Anonymous said...

salam.saya rasa abang faiq punya post mmg terbaekk lah.
terima kasih atas segala teguran itu.

tepianmuara said...

is it your pure intention to refer yasmin ahmad as 'he'?

well, it cn be undrstood...but..let's say... 'cntroversial'..

hm,i like her films..
each and every one of them..

On whether they gave bad impressions on our religion, it depends on our perspectives,

For me, all of them are 'honest' films that deals with the reality of our society. mirror.
It shows causes & effects.
contain scepticism. criticism.

having said that, not all of the 'idea' are necessarily true. and that too, doesn't hand us d license to act aggressive against them.

what important for us is to be open & think rationally. aware of what in them to teach us. highlight our own fault,if there any. Islah, if i can put it that way.

Al fatihah for her.

ms dr.nisa-to-be said...

This Gubra will give both pro's n con's..let's see from another aspect...i'm not trying to be one of the people who tries to criticize without searching or asking or bla3...juz see it from a non-muslim perspectives...if i am non-muslim, i'll tend to look down to Islam after watching this film...kononnya nak tekankan konsep persamaan, mcm x kena cara je...

LuRveHaTeR said...
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LuRveHaTeR said...

lets say..seni itu adalah ssuatu yg subjektif??yup..d films she made were very controversial..n what she had interpret in d form of 'art' was her own perspective from her own eyes..maybe tuh yg die nmpk dlm msyrkt kte skang(n we all do) n die cbe mnydrkn msyrkt(maybe) to realize dat,dats d reality of us(kpd yg x sdr)..its harsh..its humiliating..but at some point bgus jugekk sbb most of us(esp d malays n muslims take our 'islam' title for granted)..
x cye??ley nilai sndri bdsrkn ngara yg kte tgh dok skang nih..islam itu mngajak ke arh kemajuan dan pningkatan dr sudut duniawi dan yg pnting ukhrawi tp ngara len yg maju n outputkn pe yg de dlm alquran...~~ok,ckup laa tuh mbebel~~ (T_T)
ok,konklusi nyer..seni tuh subjektif(once again)...she had gone..sgala pe yg die da wat,itu antara die dan allah..moga die aman bhagia d 'sana' kite2 yg de agy kat dunie nih,learn sumthing from what she had i've said~~"ppl who forget about their history will tend 2 repeat d same mistakes in the future..
so,lps nih..lau nk wat filem atau sumthing yg bseni,fikir btul2..jgn jujur ckup dgn org fhm pe yg nk dsmpaikn...
*bek tgk kingdom of heaven kowt dr tgk cte nih?!hehe
*btw,x bek kowt referred as 'him'?!die da 'prgi' mhdpNYA..sian laa kat die..'critic or think comes first??'..huhu..skdr mngur..jgn mrh!! (n_n)

faiq zaini said...


anynomuous: terima kasih dek.. sama-sama perbaiki diri.

tepianmuara: i used Allahyarham Yasmin Ahmad when i was writing this post. unintentionally on the next sentence became 'he'. not have other intention behind that. astagfirullah..
nway mr tepianmuara.. i like ur say, "not all of the 'idea' are necessarily true. and that too, doesn't hand us d license to act aggressive against them."

lurvehater: yup.. people have various way to see the world. hence, they may have different impressions on a same thing.
*nway, should i referred as her? that's why at the beginning of post i said i afraid if misuse of words happened.
semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat..

tq all..

faiq zaini said...


i missed i person.. ^_^

ms dr.nisa-to-be: at first impression, i also very angry. let us think the pros and cons before critic. tq. it your recomendation on this video actly..

Ir@Dr E_one said...

urm.....gud post by faiq...opinion yng orng x prasan....sntiasa happen year by year....bakal dtayangkan new film, Jalang....yng ad gak elemen2 x brape bgus....if we look wif our naked eye,mmgla nmpak truk kan....tpi cbe kaji slidik per sbnarnya yng hndak dsmpaikan...rsenye,yng bek pon ada...yng bruk pon ada....urm...cbe kte gbungkan ulama' plak yng bwat filem...ape akn jadi...????InsyaAllah mreka xkan suh bwat aksi yng plik2....i agree wif all pndangn msing2...stiap prob 2 ada jlan penyelesaianya....xkanla kte sngup nk suh orng islam sndri brlakon aksi yng plik2 2...???
byk agi alternatif yng bleh dcri utk mmberi pnghayatan kpda masyarakat ni....
hrap Allahyarham Yasmin dicucuri rahmat...

.:.nurhidayah.:. said...

gud job.u touch sumthin dat ppl not realized, or they realized but they ignore it.

well,i am still learning to think first b4 criticize.sbb manusia ni slalunya mmg ske kutuk2,tpi,diri sendrik tade idea n usaha utk wat improvement.


art is very subjective btw.each one of us will interpret sumthin in a different way.

it's just that,kite tak boleh crk titik perbalahan semata2 kite berbeza.

tpi,kite kena berusaha utk crk titik persamaan agar stiap individu bleh berjaya dgn cara masing2.

aPuN said...

ada dua jenis manusia di dunia. Berfikir dan tidur.

Filem adalah satu zon polemik, apa sahaja yang kita letak boleh jadi gula boleh jadi racun.

Pernah lihat filem pendek yang menghina islam di eropah? Bermula dengan azan juga. Tetapi objektifnya untuk menghina Islam.

Maka aku tanyakan kepada penulis, apakah hukum membaca bismillah untuk minum arak?

Tidak samakah dengan, memulakan filem dengan bismillah dan menunjukkan adegan tidak senonoh?

Apakah logiknya suatu kejadian di Timor-timor sebelum negara kecil itu merdeka, ada orang beragama lain merogol orang Islam, sambil menyebut Allah.

Baik dan baguskah?

Mana-manapun kita boleh letakkan sebagai bagus. Samalah kita menghalalkan, orang memakai tudung untuk menyarung skirt pendek. Asalkan ada yang baik, pejam mata sudahlah pada yang buruk.

Bukan begitu penulis?

Ada satu masalah jelas dalam perfileman Malaysia adalah kegilaan menunjukkan "realiti". Seperti filem anu dalam botol.

Tetapi kita kembali kepada asalan, bukankah Tuhan sudah kata, haq itu haq, batil itu batil. Jadi adakah halal untuk menunjukkan adegan sex semata-mata utnuk menunjukkan realiti awam?

Kembali kepada jawapan Tuhan, bukan jawapan manusia. Insya-Allah, Allah kata _____ (rasanya di Smap kita sama-sama sudah belajar).


Habis satu.

Satu lagi, perfileman adalah satu hasil manusia. Seperti makanan, setiap keberhasilan itu boleh dijamu dengan enak, walaupun pedas, kita boleh katakan sedap kerana pedas. Walaupun masin kita boleh katakan sedap kerna masin.

Tetapi kita boleh menjadikan lebih sedap dan enak, cuma dan hanya dengan dua cara, lebih belajar. Satu lagi tidak dan tidak lain, dengan kritikan.

Pengkritik filem di eropah mendapat tempat yang tinggi. Adakah mereka ini bodoh kerana tidak berfikir?

Atau mereka ini BODOH kerana berfikir secara yang lain?

Ingat, cuma ada dua jenis manusia, berfikir dan tidur.


Mudah. Kembali kepada Tuhan.

(Dah macam wahabi pulak aku)

ms dr.nisa-to-be said...

agak ter'motivated' dgn comment yg atas nih...

faiq zaini said...


Ir@Dr E_one: thanks for reading..

.:.nurhidayah.:.: u r right. cari titik persamaan.

aPuN: sesungguhnya telah nyata haq dan batil. jadi? apa perlu dipersoalkan minum arak atau merogol orang dengan menyebut kalimah suci?
ur example are different from this film issue.
rogol dan minum arak jelas haram!
tapi haramkah buat filem?
bukan menggalakkan merogol atau berzina. tp untuk take the lesson..
telah saya terangkan dalam post, "we need guidance from intellectual people on explaining this art piece. Especially, the ulama’ and religious individuals in order to make things clear."
realiti dan pengajaran.
banyak cara berdakwah, contohnya filem ini..
tidak keterlaluan jika saya katakan, pelaksanaan islam oleh ahlinya y rigid kadang-kadang membuatkan org susah menerima.
i mean, PELAKSANAAN bukan islam..
pelaksanaan y tidak berhikmah oleh penganutnya kadang-kadang membuatkan islam nampak susah.
tidak bermaksud memejam mata pada y batil semata-mata sedikit haq y ditunjukkan.

critic is because of different opinion. percanggahan idea tidak salah. malah dalam perbincangan masalah isu2 fiqh pun, ia diraikan dalam islam.
saya tidak menghukum orang mengkritik itu tidak berfikir.
it is just think first before you critic.
adakah saya katakan org y kritik itu tidak berfikir?
misundrstood there..
nway, i like ur say "kita boleh menjadikan lebih sedap dan enak, cuma dan hanya dengan dua cara, lebih belajar. Satu lagi tidak dan tidak lain, dengan kritikan."

tq for comments..

ms dr.nisa-to-be: yeah.. he's a gud commenter.

aPuN said...

Why can’t a film starts with ‘Bismillah’? Even in ceremonies we start with ‘Bismillah’.. And the ideas of sexual scenes are the reflect of our community today. Shame to show the reality to public?


nd the ideas of sexual scenes are the reflect of our community today


ideas of sexual scenes


sexual scenes

.....halal kot.

*walaupun tak sama dengan rogol dan arak. :D

**tidak haram buat filem, ummu hani contohnya adalah penulis pop islami, bergiat dalam filem dan berjuang dengan cara yang benar. Faisal tehrani, juga ahli filem akhir-akhir ini.

***ustaz-ustaz selalu malah selalu sungguh mengingatkan, matlamat tak menghalalkan cara. :)

lin said...