Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stay Healthy

13th March 2010


For this first year second semester 2010, I take a supplementary (ikhtiari) subject apart compulsory subjects, anatomy, physiology, histology and organic chemistry. The subject is Wellness & Lifestyle.

Dr Mahmoud Mohamed Awad Alomari, a well English speaking arab teaches us the principles and theory in the subject.

Quiet same as Pendidikan Jasmani & Kesihatan in primary school; we study about exercise and health but in a far higher standard, including pathology and human physiology in every point.

Very interesting.

Code Blue

Code Blue is used to indicate a patient requiring immediate resuscitation, majorly caused by cardiac arrest. It’s one of codes practically used in hospitals.

Actually there are a lot of codes used. Such as Code Amber, Code Black, Code Brown, Code Grey, Code Pink, Code 8, Code 10, Code 66, Code 99, Code Adam, Code Brain, Code Zebra and others. Each one of them has their own meanings.

The ‘Code Blue’ that I would like to talk about now, actually is a Japanese drama.

Code Blue: Doctor Heli Kinkyuu Kyumei (Doctor Heli - Emergency Lifesaving)

The "Doctor Helicopter" system was legalized in Japan in June 2007. A medical team is dispatched to the patients on a helicopter to provide medical care in the field as soon as possible.

They believe:

If it can be treated one second earlier, the heart might start beating again.

If there is one extra helicopter, another life in danger may be saved.

If one more life can be saved, the Japanese medical community may regain trust.

There are more lives in this country that can be saved.

The drama is about four young physicians are assigned to this latest medical system. The doctors experience traumatic medical situations, deal with personal ambitions, witness the fragility of life, and they grow personally and professionally.

I saw the hard path of becoming a doctor especially when involved in emergency. When it comes to worst case scenario, the skills of the doctors are completely tested to highest level.

“The skill of a doctor will be tested at the location of emergency,” Dr Kuroda, the mentor of the four young physicians.

Just one thing is sure. Any mistake is unacceptable.

Looking at them running to and fro between the hospital and the helicopter, I thought about the physical requirement of becoming a doctor besides the skills needed. To have enough energy to run and dash when emergency instead of working 36 hours non-stop, we really need a good physical.

I’ll try to maintain a fit body to work efficiently later.

It’s a great choice to have Wellness & Lifestyle in my lecture table indeed.

Just like diet pyramid, exercise also has its own pyramid.

Healthy Doctor

Sometimes, I think it's weird to see lot of doctors doesn’t even abide by their fitness and health. They are overweight, smoking, having stress and even becoming one of dangerous disease victims.


How can you tell a patient to control weights instead you are overweight?

How can you tell a patient to stop smoking when you are smoking?

How can you tell a patient to relax while you are having stress?

How can you be a reliable doctor to the patients?

These questions always come to my mind when I was thinking about my future of becoming a doctor, and also the medical practitioner’s world in the future.

Quoted from one of my friend who’s doing medicine also,
Be a save doctor, not just a good doctor.”

There’s a margin between a good and a save doctor.

A good doctor will passes examinations in university, completes his assignments, goes to every single lectures, studies hard, and also works very hard to be a physician. But, practically, he always lack of intention and believe in himself to take action in order saving the patient.

A save doctor has all the criteria as a good doctor. But, he has an extra value. He will creatively find the way to save his patients no matter what. He always believes in himself to take the best, determined decision for his patient’s sake.

With Malaysia's O&G guru, Dr Zainur Rashid Zainuddin.

Hope to be one of a save doctor. InshaAllah..

But first, work out and maintain body and study.

Had a nice bbq time with friends yesterday. That was a great one. 

Wallahua'lam.. Wasalam.. 


Salam Abdullah said...

jadi doktor kepada diri sendiri sblum doktor kpd orang lain.. nice,,

W M Najib said...

good luck!

Anonymous said...

kalau overweight sebb winter xpe kan ? nnti turonlaa balik~

faiq zaini said...


Salam Abdullah: inshaAllah. tlong la den..

W M Najib: tq bro..

Anonymous: ye2.. harap2 le tron.

tq all. wsalam.. :)