Sunday, September 27, 2009

It Is A Long Journey


It’d been a long time since I updated this page. So sorry for not being active for this past several weeks. Actually I’m currently in a life transition process that involves in how do I prepare to face this life.

You know, it’s not easy as eating piece of cake to adapt the new, unknown environment. Alhamdulillah.. I finally came here. It’s not only a dream anymore. But then, since I step onto this Jordan land, there’re still many things feeling awkward in mind.

After about two weeks:

1. We, the ‘Malesie’ seems like can basically communicate with the Arabs. But then when it comes to advance words we will start to think before talking. Haha.. quiet many times the Arabs get frustrated. Luckily, there also some people who tend to teach us rather than critiquing.

2. Why we’re called ‘Sinn’ by Arabs children. Means Chinese. Can’t they compare Malaysians and Chinese? Seems like children here lack of education. Proud to say, actually Malaysia is BETTER in education. I can tell that by observing their attitude.

3. The drivers here don’t concern much about their cars. Their driving style, speed and break! Cuak giler time naik coaster kat sini. Looks like careless driving to us but still I don’t see any accident yet. This one’s amazing. Also there’s no motorcycle. Tak de orang merempit cam Malaysia. Haha..

4. Lastly for this time, their raya was not so emphasized by people here. It was the same as the other day. Only us, Malaysians seems very enthusiastic and ‘glitterful’ on the day. So, our raya this year feels lack of shining.. But what most impressed me is we made our ‘Malaysian version takbir raya’ loudly in speakers at Yarmouk University Mosque, watched by Arabs. They seems interested in our melody. Boleh kata semua orang nak rakam dan ambil gambar. Haha.. feymes tol kito..

As the end for this post, I wish all of you selamat hari raya..

to mom and dad..

to brothers faidhi, fakhri, faris, faiz..

to sisters farha, filza, farzana..

and to all my friends..

also all of you.

Sorry for not being home for raya. I will be there next time. Yet, this raya will be a great experience for me. Still it was awesome to beraya with members with 100% own made dishes. X main tempah2.. hoho.. It is a long journey ahead. Fantashiru fil ard..


In Royal Jordanian airplane.

Front of Amman Airport.

Our 'sakan', means hostel.

Syariq Jami'ah, main street front of hostel.

Orange, a.k.a celcom in Jordan.

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