Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jump out from ‘Coconut Shell’


Woke up at 6.15 am, suddenly I felt to get a grip on recent news. Sigh, about 3 weeks already I hadn’t read any updated news from newspaper. Quiet weird to think, it’s impossible there’s no even a single English newspaper here. Thought I saw one before.. Jordan Today I guest.

Actually, I read some from handphone. Malaysians chosen provider, Orange (cam Celcom la kalau kat Malaysia) provides a special application for users named Clickit. Through it, I can view some news headline from Media Arab. But that’s not much..

Politics… Israel, America, Palestine.. that’s all

World news… Israel, America, Palestine.. also.

Bussiness.. some from Jordan itself.

Sports.. epl. This one similar to Malaysia.. even the whole world maybe focuses on epl.

Honestly for this 3 weeks I don’t know anything about Malaysia. Owh, before I forgot, until now we still don’t get our internet set up. Something to do about home contract before setting up internet connection. That one is still under process. Huhu~

So, I walked through Syari’ Jamiah (University Street) to search for English newspaper. But couldn’t find any shops open except 24 hours. It’s normal. I tried to talk to a man sweeping the street.

“Assalamualaikum ya ammo.. Lau samaht. Biddi ishtari.. (blank.. ape paper dlm arab er?? Jidar? X sure) Emm.. biddi ishtarii akhbar.. newspaper.. Win?”

“Wasalam.. Newwpaper?” pacik tu blank.

“Yakni.. akhbar (sambil tunjuk gay abaca paper). Fahimta?”

“Aiwa.. akhbar. Hai mubakkiran. Akhbar ^$%#^#%&^&%*&$%^#%$#$&$*&%*&(%^%*&%^&*&%*.”

Astagfirullah.. Tak paham pacik ni ckap amende.. Hadoih.

“Mashi-mashi.. yakni.. ma fi hallaq?” I ask after he abes membebel.

“Ma fi.”

“Aiwa.. gdish sa’ah fi al akhbar?”

“Sa’ah tisa'aah.”

“Shukran ya ammo.”


Ok2.. From the dialog, paper will be sold on 9 am. Lor.. cm lambat sangat. But that’s the norm here. So we have to adapt all those in our life schedule also. Except the less benefit one la..

Hmmm I tried to jump out from tempurung exactly. But my plan stopped there. Seems like today also I couldn’t read my newspaper.. Hoho.. malas nak pergi lagi pukul 9 nanti. This one jangan ikut. I’m a bit lazy guy actually..


raya kat rumah member. sempoi..

buka puasa at malaysia embassy.

king abdullah hospital at just.

just's main gate.

duwar sa'ah (clock roundabout) at 'balad' (pasar).

bread seller kat tengah2 pasar.

1 JD for all stuff (RM 5).


dR.AiNoN said...

utusan on9 kn de..bce jela..
ermm..ijd 2 kt balad kew??
bli ke??haahhaha

ms. nabilah said...
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faiq zaini said...

dr ainon:
bru dpat tenet ni ar..

ms nabilah:
aiwa.. enti quaise..

fatinfaez said...


gud luck there,thanx for visiting my blog..

ms dr.nisa-to-be said...