Friday, February 11, 2011

Intelligence Quotient a.k.a IQ

Friday, 11th February 2011.


Have an idea to share this morning. And I just type it spontaneously. For some reason, I don't want to spend much excessive time writing on a post. Also, not always I've mood to write something.

Ok. Alhamdulillah. Last winter holiday wast superb. The two weeks in England and Scotland were very relaxing after struggling with 2nd year, 1st semester final exam for about one month.

Already went to the United Kingdom at this age.. 20. Alhamdulillah. 20 already?? Haha..

Spending the Weekend

"Orang UK kalau time cuti weekend, diorang bawak anak-anak pegi tengok muzium. Bagus kan diorang?"

I heard about this from my secondary school teacher I guest. Don't remember. But, I heard it at school la.

I wondered how can museum could be something interesting for young children to spend their holiday?

Me, honestly went to Kelantan State Museum only once, that's only because my school made a trip during my 6th grade.

And also I went to National Museum once also. That was when I was 6 or 7 years old. Never went there again even I was studying in Negeri Sembilan for about 5 years and Selangor for about 2 years before coming to Jordan. Don't remember what was in there. Hurmm..

So, either I'm the only one of Malaysian children who didn't smart enough to benefit the museums or it's the UK people who are screw up, even taking baby to museum to see things like state or national history, our traditional things etc..

So, I don't believe what I heard before about family in UK going out to museum for holiday.

But, here what's happening there..

I happened to be in London during the second weekend we are travelling. On the Saturday we went to this one kind of museum, Natural history Museum.

 Free entrance.

It was already 5pm. The museum closes at 6pm in winter. But still..

The main gate was closed to give space for hundreds people outside the museum queueing to go in. 

This little fella also in line.

Soooo... many people. When I saw it myself, I believe what I was told.

They are so good la. Outing to museum with family during weekend. I love to see Malaysia in this way sooner or later. 

The museum has lots of things. I couldn't manage to see all of the exhibition there. It's very fantastic.

There are bone of dinasours and their story for excited, hyperactive sons..
There are collection of butterflies for cute, thoughtful daughters..
Collections of trees and flowers for mums..
Collections of animals, even the extinct species for dads and grandpas..

It's a very ideal weekend for the whole family. 

Say, [O Muhammad], "Travel through the land and observe how He began creation. Then Allah will produce the final creation. Indeed Allah , over all things, is competent."
Surah Al 'Ankabut : Verse 20

"Itu museum dekat London, capital city England. Boleh la banyak exhibition benda best. Satu dunia hantar barang pergi sana. Jangan compare dengan Kuala Lumpur."

Pretty sure you guys will have this crossed in mind when I told about this museum. 

But.. I saw this kind of museum everywhere. Same excitement.



Why there are so many fossils in UK? Every place has their own history. Impressive.

I think, our country too has its own uniqueness. No doubt, our culture. 

What's more? 

We have with rainforest isn't it? Even, our forest has more species of birds compared to anywhere in world. So, why can't we have a museum on birds. 

I'm pretty sure if we have them in some sort of interactive exhibition, it will be fantastic!
At least our young generations will be on par in context of IQ with other community in so called developed country. Go to museums and discover.
Weekend doesn't mean go to cinema or shopping complex only.

We have been blessed with rainforest. What's left is to make discovery and do the effort.

I like travelling. Learnt a lot from other people in other places before. Hope to go other place next time. 

Wallahua'lam. Wassalam..


Asif said...

betul jugak..

msia pun bleh tahan jugak kaya dengan burung2..

tapi, sayang, musim cuti biasa nya diisi dengan sunway lagoon.

muzium bese masa lawatan sekolah saja..haha

faiq zaini said...

ko cuti g mne asif??