Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nakba: A New Hope

Sunday, 15th May 2011


People were flocking to Masjid Jami’ah Yarmouk since last Friday, 13th May for Fajr prayer. The number is so enormous, seems like comparable to Jumaat prayer on the afternoon. A rare scene to see in Malaysia. I was so touched by the atmosphere. It was so long before I manage to pray at the masjid and I saw this wonderful miracle.

The day before, Thursday, actually I got a flyer from a guy outside the masjid, stating that starting tomorrow (Friday) we all be gathering at masjid to perform Fajr prayer, all of us. No exception. As a support for the ‘Third Intifada’ planned. And also as a contribution for syuhada’ in Palestine and the last revolution in Egypt. To show our strength. Because there’s no strength without jamaah.

I was overwhelmed by my own feeling as I walked out from masjid, thinking that the end of this Palestinian suffer will end soon.

It's a new hope.

It was like Jumaat prayer in the morning. MashaAllah..

My Arab Friends

Since I start studying in JUST, I already know some of Arab friends. They came from various part of Arab countries, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, Bahrain, UAE, and even Israel.

Still remembered when the first time I met some of friends at the library when I was in first year. We were greeting as usual. Shaking hands. Asking our names. What year and courses. Using typical Arabic Language learned from Malaysia and from seniors. Haha

Then, it came to the question that I’ll always think twice rather to ask or not. But then, since they asked me first, I asked them the same.

“Enta min ween?” (Where are you from?)

“Ana min Israel.” He answered, simple.

Suddenly, lots of story about Jews and Palestine came into my mind. I just kept reading my book.

“I knew it! Look at their face. Something different from other Arab people.” Haha

So skeptical.

But they looked like normal people. No long beard and sideburn. Even speaking nicer than some of others people I met.


And also, Palestinian friends. They say, most of foreigners in JUST are Palestinian. Second is Malaysian. Then, others..

One of them, who I know the most is Oudai Younus. I went to his house two weeks ago as I remember. He told stories about 1948 Palestine Nakba and about his place and family. A guy seems playful but he has a belief that one day, he will return to his homeland. He gave me a book which tells stories about Palestine and Israel country.

When I said ‘Israel’ he responded,
“What is Israel? There’s no such thing like Israel!”

When I thought about Israeli friends I met last year, they look very nice. Even I don’t want to believe that all Israeli are bad as I always told during my time in school. Everything bad was done by Jews and Israel. 5S conspiracy. 6S.. And all that kind of thing.

But thinking about Oudai, I believe we all really hope that someday, Israel will be vanished from world map.

Experience of a Doctor in Israeli Hospital

During Fiqh Medic Seminar 2011 which was held in Irbid last week, I was interested in a story told by our guest professor from Malaysia, Prof. Dr Azhar Hussin.

Undergoing some training at one of hospital in Israel was an opening-eye experience. At first think, doing task at the hospital, it’s difficult to adjust time for pray. It’s seems so stressful for a Muslim.

He had a Christian friend who also at the hospital too at that time, Micheal if I’m not mistaken. He always prayed as taught by his religion at a small corner in the hospital. Meanwhile, Prof Azhar always looked for a quiet place and ensures that people don’t see to do his prayer. As always we do. That is actually making us looks more suspicious for me. More like a guy want to do something wrong.

But then, when Micheal knew that, he asked Prof Azhar to join him to pray together with him. To make others not to misunderstand him. Prof Azhar agreed and since then, he prayed together with Micheal according to each religion told.

After two or three days later, Prof Azhar shocked to see that a memo was made at the corner they always pray.

“Keep quiet. Mike and Zack are praying.”

Mike referred to Micheal, while Zack referred to Prof Azhar as other colleagues there called him.

It was made by the hospital cleaner, a Jew.

You know, why we always tell something fishy about other people even we don’t know how they are actually. It’s not our rights to judge them. Try to know them first. Don’t be skeptic.

And when Prof. Azhar started to ask for his boss to take five for prayer during doing his job, know what the answer from the Jew who just met him for a few periods?

“Please do so. That is what your religion tells you to.”

They are so outstanding in this aspect. But it’s really confusing that how can there can’t understand how Palestinians are suffering today.


Fiqh Medic Seminar 2011

Nakba Day

15th May 1948 was a day of catastrophe. 700,000 Palestinians were expelled and fled from their own homeland and hundreds of Palestinian villages were depopulated.

Today, it’s 63 years past the sad history.

Hope we take lesson from it. And not stop praying for the sake of Islam and our brothers and sisters there.

“There was certainly in their stories a lesson for those of understanding. Never was the Qur'an a narration invented, but a confirmation of what was before it and a detailed explanation of all things and guidance and mercy for a people who believe.”

Surah Yusuf: Ayah 111

I'll always pray for Palestine, as that's the only thing I can do now. For my friend, Oudai..



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